nothing is like getting ate out with no pressure to have sex afterwards

god bless guys who eat just to eat

Hello 👋

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I can’t believe that she is this into me

Chillin in the Museum of Contemparary Art
Gold fire hydrant

Do I have any followers that live in Colorado?

Denver CO is pretty cool so far
See you later Texas

Transparent Nicki


Me attempting to be a unicorn for the melt wall #mymeltyellow
Put a Symbol in my ask

‽ - I’m too shy to talk to you
✩ - You inspire me
☼ - You make me smile
☏ - I wish we’d talk more
✌- I want to get to know you
☺ - I want to be your friend
#- I want to thank you
✓ - I like you
♣ - I want to cuddle you
❀ - I think I’m falling for you
* - I want to kiss you
♥ - I’m in love with you
愛 - I love you
∞ - I want to date you
© - Will you be mine?
(´・ω・`)- I’ll pay you 350,000 yen for anal

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And this hand was attached to someone I really like so that’s cool


So I held a hand today